Optimise Your Supply Chain

£1,499.00 + VAT

This course is part of our five day director programme. This course can be booked individually or as part of the 5 day package.

Please email info@supplychainacademy.org.uk for course dates.



The course will provide an insider’s view of end-to-end supply chain management

By the end of this session, you will:

  • have expert knowledge of the functions of Supply Chain Management
  • understand team members who interact with or support supply chain activities
  • increase efficiency and generate ideas for improvements

After this course, participants can more fully contribute to the cross-functional and inter – organisational processes of a successful supply chain and understand who has the main purchasing power.

The course strengthens the entire team and fosters appreciation of a properly structured and managed supply chain.

Thought Leadership Content:

  • Learn the terminology used in Supply Chain Leadership  and be able to more effectively communicate with Supply Chain Management teams.
  • Understand the elements of Supply Chain Management and how improvements in processes and communication can lead to increased overall customer satisfaction and profitability.
  • Identify the key processes that drive supply chain performance –looking at various job roles – discussing their strategy, who they rely on, how they operate, what is success (the characteristics of success)  and how it is measured.
  • Understand how supply chain performance affects  a company’s financial performance – linking supply chain decisions and attributes to the bottom line and balance sheet (Includes the basics of Risk)
  • Be more fully integrated as a part of the team supporting the increasingly important Supply Chain Management function.


Tuesday Night:  Peer Networking & Dinner with theme: ‘Implementing an effective planning strategy – case study’ – Prof Denis Kobzev, Leeds Trinity University

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