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by | Jan 16, 2018

The Supply Chain Academy is now collaborating with EEF, the representative voice of British manufacturing, to offer thought leadership seminars in supply chain best practice to manufacturing businesses.

For over 120 years EEF has been keeping businesses safe, compliant and future-focused, while fostering enterprise and innovation in the manufacturing industry.

In an ever-changing world market, the manufacturing sector needs to rise to the challenge of not only the uncertainty generated by Brexit, but also technological advancements in digitisation. These changes require businesses to ensure current operating models are fit for purpose, to embrace the effective use of Big Data, to be responsive to changes in pricing models and to identify what intellectual property to share and what to develop.

The pressure to keeping costs under control while maintaining high levels of customer service has never been higher. The successful application of supply chain best practice, allows business to  balance customer satisfaction with optimum cost control.

Pictures: Above, left to right; Alex Mortimer, Director at the SCA, Emily Lawrence,  Programme Manager and John Middleton, Senior Technical Instructor at EEF. Below, EEF’s technology hub, Birmingham.

The SCA is the only worldwide learning centre to solely focus on the supply chain, providing high level insight and learning, developed in collaboration with our manufacturing clients. As a result, we have developed a holistic approach to supply chain training needs. We enable companies to add  value by looking for efficiencies in purchasing, procurement, contracting,  managing suppliers and  operations through more effective communication.

Recent SCA manufacturing clients include; Florette UK  & Ireland, BAE Systems, Mitsubishi Electric  & Ardagh Group. We have developed their understanding of sales & operational planning, demand planning, master planning, material requirements planning, capacity management, production activity control, purchasing, inventory management, physical distribution, quality management, just-in-time manufacturing principles and aspects of their export and global trade strategy.

For more information on the collaboration with EEF, or how the Supply Chain Academy can help your business,  please contact Alex Mortimer (Commercial Director), on 01708 259450 or email


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Supply Chain Masterclasses!

Developed with industry experts for supply chain executives. All hosted at our luxurious facilities in the Edwardian mansion, Upminster Court.


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