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by | Jun 30, 2017

The Supply Chain Academy has been invited by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) to be part of their new customs project, joining a high profile panel of Directors from businesses including Nissan, Ford, Tate & Lyle, IBM and more. The aim of this group is to lobby government on what they need to consider during Brexit negotiations for effective global trade and customs.

The Supply Chain Academy in conjunction with its sister company, Customs Insights, are well positioned to give in depth advice and guidance on both EU and WTO customs processes. Uniserve, also a sister company to the Supply Chain Academy, has been involved in a significant EU Customs project for the last three years called Project Core, which focuses on trusted traders and the customs data pipeline. Between the three Uniserve businesses there is a huge amount of global knowledge, practical day-to-day activity and a global network of experts.

The CBI is the UK’s premier business organisation, providing a voice for firms at a regional, national and international level to policymakers. The CBI has warned that the UK economy will shift down a gear as Brexit talks progress and households are squeezed by rising prices.

Aiming to create and sustain the conditions in which businesses in the United Kingdom can compete effectively and prosper, this project will outline to government:

  • The potential customs issues for business
  • Specific practical solutions and innovative ideas when negotiating preferential trade agreements around the world.

Opened in 2012 by Lord Digby Jones, the Supply Chain Academy is owned by the Uniserve Group – the UK’s leading independent logistics and trade management provider and is a UK leader in delivering outstanding end-to-end supply chain capabilities to businesses in the form of Director masterclasses, executive training and consultancy. Recent clients include SKY Ltd, CMA CGM, Thomson Reuters and Mitsubishi Electric.

The Supply Chain Academy’s sister company, Customs Insights, has been operational for over 20 years. They have a long trading history with customs and are a recognised customs CFSP processing bureau service provider.

The Supply Chain Academy and Customs Insights can help you: 

  • Understand HMRC
  • Understand commodity codes (tariffs) and INCOTERMs
  • Reduce Import Duties and improve your cash flow
  • Ensure compliance in International trade activities and manage your customs responsibilities
  • Achieve efficiencies in your import processes
  • Manage risk.

We recently delivered a tailor-made customs course for Mitsubishi Electric. Our next open courses are running in September – please register your interest at For more information on the customs project, please email

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