Supply Chain Teasers

Week 37 Teasers

1. The pricing term ‘w/m’ is more commonly associated with what?

A) Air Freight B) Ocean Freight C) Road Freight or: D) Domestic Transport

The Answer is: B) Ocean Freight


2. What best describes an ad-valorem price?

A) A surcharge on freight B) A percentage of the value of the product C) A fixed price or: D) A Minimum Fee

The Answer is: B) A percentage of the value of the product

The Supply Chain Academy

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Week 35 Teasers

1. In airfreight a ULD stands for what?
A) Urgent Live Delivery B) Unknown Loading Depot C) Until Loading Date or: D) Unit Load Device

The Answer is:  D) Unit Load Device

2. What size is a Euro-Pallet?
A) 120x100 cm B) 100x100 cm C) 120x80 cm or: D) 100x80cm

The Answer is: C) 120x80cm

Week 32 Teasers

1. The acronym FOB, stands for what?
A) Freight Over Board B) Freight On Board C) Free On Board or: D) Free On Boat

The Answer is:  C) Free on Board

2. The world’s largest container ship can carry a maximum of how many 20ft containers (approximately)?
A) 900, B) 1,900,C) 9,000 or: D) 19,000

The Answer is: D) 19,000


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Directions: Exit the M25 at Junction 29, taking the A127 towards London. After about 1/2 mile take the slip road exit, sign posted to Upminster & Cranham. Turn left on to Hall Lane and after 1/2 mile, the Supply Chain Academy can be found on the right. Enter via the third gate on the right.


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