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What We Do


The Supply Chain Academy is the only worldwide learning resource centre that focuses solely on the subject of supply chain. We provide a range of educational services for leaders and executives, delivering collaborative best practice supply chain experiences and solutions from world class facilities.

The Supply Chain

Our education encompasses the entire network of functions serving the supply chain. The supply chain comprises of product or service designers, buyers, vendors that contribute to the product or service, producers who convert the material into products or services, warehouses that store, distribution centres that deliver, retailers or service providers who supply the end user, and any administrative role that supports the process.

About Us

We are part of a large group driven by experienced supply chain professionals, meaning we are led by the needs of business. Our delivery is communication driven and focused on collaborative, sharing and comparing methods, which includes learning from our peers and sharing best practice. As a group we have delivered supply chain education around the world and made significant investment to provide quality executive experience.

Cornerstones Of Our Delivery

Our immersive learning experiences for executives and leaders are built around key principles that run throughout our products, which are:

  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Sharing & Comparing
  • Relevance
  • Innovation
  • Team Building
  • World Class Facilities

Supply Chain Solutions


Executive Masterclasses

For Supply Chain Executives; developed by experts and hosted at our luxurious Edwardian mansion.

Insights Workshops

Personal and team effectiveness workshops using the Insights Discovery® personality profiling model.

Thought Leadership Events

Regular and Topical ‘Thought Leadership’ events providing access to the very latest thinking.


The Apprenticeship Levy and our Supply Chain Leadership Professional Degree Apprenticeship.


Career Pathway, Coaching, Consultancy, Organisational Development & Supply Chain Simulation.

Case Studies

Case studies outlining a proven track record enhancing supply chain leverage for major businesses.

Creating Intrapreneurs & T-Shaped People


Leadership in supply chain relies upon making innovation happen inside our organisations, which means developing and fostering effective multi-dimensional leaders and teams who are effective organisational innovators or ‘intrapreneurs’.

The supply chain is a diverse entity, encompassing many departments within an organisation. Effective leaders have ‘T-shaped’ capabilities, which means a depth of knowledge in one or more aspect and a breadth of knowledge across the entire process.

The Supply Chain Academy focuses on creating forward thinking intrapreneurs and T-shaped people, who excel at driving the supply chains of today and the future.

Supply Chain News

Red Sea Disruption Update

Red Sea Disruption Update

One of the world’s most used waterways has been the focus of media attention for weeks following the disruption to major shipping lines. Houthi rebels from Yemen are currently conducting attacks on commercial vessels in the Bab al-Mandab Strait. This area serves as...

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Supply Chain Podcasts

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The Academy

‘Today’s business is increasingly driven by the performance of its supply chain’. Supply chains are rarely aligned to support the business strategy. Functional teams often have competing priorities of supply and demand. The result can be lost sales, write-downs and discounts, the additional cost to ship and warehouse excess inventory and obsolete stock. The Supply Chain Academy provides innovative learning experiences for CEOs & Executives to explore and overcome these issues. It provides an environment for executives to come together, to develop ideas and to plan exciting futures. We are different because our focus is not only on formal training, but also on thought leadership – learning from the experience of your peers and sharing best practice.

Academy Videos

Brexit Supply Chain Future Conference

A quick overview of our Brexit – Future of the Supply Chain Conference, held at the Supply Chain Academy on 31st August.

Mitsubishi Talk Supply Chain Academy

Perry Jackson, General Manager at Mitsubishi Electric gives his thoughts on how the Supply Chain Academy helped them.

The Academy - A Birds Eye View

Take a short journey through the Academy, our luxuriously restored and modernised Edwardian mansion at Upminster Court

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