Leading Your Business and Supply Chain

Through Change & Disruption

In business, disruptions occur every day. To stay ahead, businesses must prepare for the disruptive change that might impact them or develop disruptions themselves through their own transformation.

As markets evolve change and subsequent disruption to established working practice in inevitable. To keep pace with business ever changing needs organisation must understand route courses of disruption and embrace the need for change. Looking at the transition from the perspective of new opportunities rather than mitigation of risk.

This two-day director masterclass is designed to empower leaders with the thought patterns and practical skills needed to take advantage disruptive innovation thought strategic design rather than reactive process-management.

  • Directors
  • What is disruption?
  • Why businesses need to change to manage disruption
  • How the supply chain can operate and change effectively to manage disruption
  • How to diagnose the need for change
  • Avoiding conflict and building on progress through communication and feedback.
  • Managing the change at all levels, personal, team and organisational – different approaches, different strategies, Push/Pull, Levers for Change
  • Monitoring and managing staff morale, consultation and team building
  • Personal Transitions – how people respond to Change
  • Sustaining and managing the plan
  • Monitoring progress and adapting the plan
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