Leading your Business and Supply Chain through Change & Disruption

In most businesses, disruptions occur every day. To stay ahead, businesses must prepare for the disruptive change that might impact them or develop disruptions themselves through their own transformation.

As markets evolve and change, disruption to established working practice is inevitable. To keep pace with ever-changing needs, organisations must understand route-causes of disruption and embrace the need for change, by looking at the transition from the perspective of new opportunities, rather than mitigation of risk.

This two-day director masterclass is designed to empower leaders with the thought patterns and practical skills needed to take advantage of disruptive innovation through strategic design, rather than reactive process-management.

£1,195.00 + VAT

3 Day Course

Date Start day Time Duration Cost Status Location Action
11/02/2020 - 13/02/2020 Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00 3 Days £1,195 Available - Book Now


  • Build your understanding of disruption, and why business needs to continually change.
  • Learn how to build competitive advantage
  • Gain a framework to design a strategy that meets customer needs, creates new value for your customers, and generates new revenues through change
  • Explore opportunities to modernise your technology, processes, and workforce for increased effectiveness
  • Learn proven techniques to lead change, and how to navigate leadership challenges associated with operating in a disruptive environment
  • Gain tools and insights to help you accelerate individual and corporate success


Day 1

  • What is disruption?
  • Why businesses need to change to manage disruption
  • How businesses are structured
  • How the supply chain can operate and change effectively to manage disruption
  • How to diagnose the need for change
  • How to develop the vision and the plan
  • How change affects people and teams and how best to manage them through the change 
  • What drives Disruption and Change in Supply Chain Organisations
  • Different varieties of Disruption & Change
  • The evolution of businesses and their structures
  • Culture and Power in Organisations
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Individual and Team Change – different approaches

Day 2

  • Diagnosing the need for Change 
  • Hard and Soft Change
  • Kotter’s eight steps for Change
  • Creating the Coalition
  • Creating the Vision
  • Creating the Plan
  • Choosing the Agent for Change

Day 3

  • Avoiding conflict and building on progress through communication and feedback.
  • Managing the change at all levels, personal, team and organisational – different approaches, different strategies, Push/Pull, Levers for Change
  •  Monitoring and managing staff morale, consultation and team building
  •  Personal Transitions – how people respond to Change
  •  Sustaining and managing the plan
  •  Monitoring progress and adapting the plan
  •  Review

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