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The Academy


Be energised – enhance your Supply Chain genius!

Your ability to innovate in your Supply chain is becoming even more business critical in fuelling performance and growth.

Established in 2012 by successful global freight business leader; Iain Liddell, the Supply Chain Academy provides senior managers and directors with the ‘business led’ innovative and strategic vision for leading their supply chain.

The Academy’s purpose is to provide creative insights for supply chain leaders and to create supply chain genius .

To unleash and enhance your genius, join fellow leaders to discover how to set strategic goals aligned to your organisation’s strategy and optimise your operations to maximise efficiency.

Attending our training will enable you to overcome real, current business challenges as we help you innovate, question traditional ways of working, and share new and improved ways of working for success with your peers. We’ve developed a menu of masterclasses to do just that;

Benefits of attending our Masterclasses:

  • Understand the strategic functions of your supply chain
  • Anticipate the changes needed to deal with disruption
  • Validate your strategic vision and investment decisions
  • Discover, evaluate and compare the latest technologies, services and partnerships
  • Connect with your peers to share best practices
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