Four More Considerations For 2019

by | Feb 28, 2019

Supply chains around the world are always transforming and adapting and at the Supply Chain Academy we ensure we stay at the forefront of current thinking on the subject.  

At the start of the year we covered Ten Supply Chain Considerations for 2019 , highlighting Brexit, Global Politics, Carriers & Costs, Port and Transport Congestion, BRICS, On-Line Market Share, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and the Rise of Supply Chain Leaders, as subjects for supply chain leaders to give consideration to during the year.

Further to that article we bring you the four emerging trends, that are due to impact the supply chains of the future.    


No surprises here. We covered the use of robotics in the previous article and with the additional introduction of drones, we could be looking at very different logistics and supply chains in the next decade.

Sharing Economy

Organisations will be more flexible in how they operate their supply chain with on-demand logistics and on demand warehousing. Lower Capex and higher adaptability will no doubt be attractive for organisations that are in fast evolving industries.

Focus on Supply Chain Visibility

Improvements to an organisations’ ability to gain visibility on the real-time status of their supply chain network is highly important, and with the Internet of Things, Big Data and data transparency, these will help increase the visibility. Giving organisations the capability to not only rapidly react to problems but first and foremost, anticipate and prevent them more effectively.

Evolving Customer Channels

A new supply chain with different capabilities than those in place today will be required, as 40% of brands now sell directly to the consumer, with DTC sales projected to reach $130 billion by 2025. Highlighting an ongoing shift away from traditional retail to direct-to-consumer shipping.

The Supply Chain Academy, and our sister company CP Training, continue to deliver outstanding supply chain capabilities to business through executive masterclasses, bespoke training, thought leadership events, career pathway and the new degree apprenticeship.

We provide unique insight into supply chain innovation and the necessary skill sets to manage the supply chains of now and the future. 2019 certainly looks like a great time to invest in your supply chain capabilities.

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Accelerate Innovation Masterclass

The latest techniques in strategic innovation, maintain your supply chain’s competitive edge

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Accelerate Innovation Masterclass

The latest techniques in strategic innovation, maintain your supply chain’s competitive edge

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