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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Webinars

Discover the latest collection of webinars on Supply Chain from our industry experts. These are delivered in-company:

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Introduction to Supply Chain, the importing process & the Brexit Effect

What is a Supply Chain?

  • Gain a better understanding of your client and their Supply Chain

Supplier Relationships

  • 6 Key elements in a Supply Chain


  • Import and Export Documentation
  • Key documentation for international trade
  • Import Documentation

Brexit Effect

  • Brexit financial impact
  • Brexit Supply Chain impact
  • Wider implications of Brexit for International trade
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Role of UK Customs, Duty & Excise and Customs Duty

Role of Customs

  • HMRC
  • UK Customs
  • Role of UK Customs
  • Main Responsibilities
  • Customs strategic objectives

Duty & Excise

  • What are customs and excise duty
  • Duty valuation
  • Importance of correct method
  • World trade organisation
  • 6 Methods to calculate

Customs Duty

  • Customs duty recap
  • Customs special procedures
  • Returned goods relief
  • Duty recovery mechanisms
  • Other considerations
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AEO, Classifying goods and Import & Export Documentation

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

  • What is AEO?
  • Who should pay and why?
  • Criteria and application process
  • Audits and managing AEO status

Classification of Goods

  • Why do we classify goods?
  • Classification structure

Import & Export Documentation

  • Introduction
  • Key Documentation for International trade
  • Import documentation
  • VAT
  • Export documentation
  • International trade documentation
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Incoterms & CDS

  • Incoterms¬†
  • CDS (Custom Declaration Service)
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Supply Chain Management Overview

  • Objectives of the session
  • Definition of Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Configurations
  • A process view of the Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Planning
    • Procurement
    • Production
    • Inventory Management
    • Distribution (Warehousing and Transport)
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