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Intrapreneurs & T-Shaped People

What Is An Intrapreneur?

An intrapreneur is an individual that behaves like an entrepreneur, while working within an organisation. “Intrapreneurs take new ideas and turn them into profitable new realities, through assertive risk-taking and innovation”.

An intrapreneur:

  • creates innovation
  • challenges their own limits
  • searches for an opportunity in every problem
  • can clearly define a problem (cause and effect analysis)
  • connects with other people on their level
  • avoids creating problem for others
  • focuses on prevention rather than intervention
  • has reasonable expectations

What Are T-Shaped People?

A T-shaped person has depth in knowledge and skills, as well as breadth. They would be an expert in at least one field but also have capabilities and a good understanding of the entire process.

With the supply chain being such a diverse entity, encompassing many departments within an organisation, T-shaped people are a business must. 

If an accomplished buying manager does not understand what obstacles a Logistics Manager or a Finance Manager must overcome during the supply chain process, then how can he or she make well informed decisions?

T-shaped people have deep knowledge of their own function and broad supply chain knowledge.

T-shaped people add considerable strength and support to the entire supply chain structure.

The Winning Formula

The Supply Chain Academy recognise that T-shaped leaders are more effective; having an understanding of the entire supply chain process enables more informed and effective decision making.

This principle, coupled with focus on intrapreneurship, helps us to create multi dimensional, multi channel leaders, capable of designing and driving industry’s most innovative and effective global supply chains.

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