Management Project Delivers Innovation

by | Mar 4, 2019

Supply Chain Academy group partners – Uniserve – held this years Management Development Project. It came to an impressive conclusion last week, when three project teams presented their innovative solutions for business challenges to the Uniserve Group Board. 

The programme was instigated 12 months ago, in conjunction with the Supply Chain Academy, and encourages innovation and cross-divisional teamwork throughout Uniserve Group management. 

Divided into three working groups, the teams have learnt new management skills and methods, while developing ideas, strategies and plans to navigate around real challenges that are impacting logistics and supply chain business right now.

Uniserve Group Managing Director – Iain Liddell – commented “Each and everyone of the participants came across as committed to their project and I was delighted with the amount of thought and effort that had gone into their solution.”

“They have sold these solutions to us and it is now important that we put them in to practice. We have made a start by arranging for the teams to deliver their concepts to the rest of the business during March and April.”

“Innovation and Education are very much part of the Uniserve ethos and these projects, delivered expertly by the Supply Chain Academy, gave us both in abundance.

The Management Teams and Board of Directors can be seen above during a dinner event at Uniserve Group’s Headquarters, which celebrated this years cohort.

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Accelerate Innovation Masterclass

The latest techniques in strategic innovation, maintain your supply chain’s competitive edge

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