New Man Meets Portillo

by | Nov 15, 2017

CP Training’s Neil Roll got off to an interesting start in his new role with us, as he met with former Conservative Deputy Leader Michael Portillo in his first few days.

Pictured on the left, Neil met with the BBC’s ‘This Week’ political pundit at an Institute of Export & International Trade dinner last week, along with Supply Chain Academy Director – Alex Mortimer (right).

Portillo shared concerns over the global trade and supply chain challenges facing the UK during the next few years. He was very impressed with how the Supply Chain Academy is leading the talks with government, through our Degree Apprenticeship programme, to establish supply chain management as a major profession and discipline in the UK.

Neil recently joined the Supply Chain Academy learning and development team as CP Training General Manager, after formerly holding senior positions at The Distance Learning College & Training and The Institute of Supply Chain Management.

Neil’s educational experience followed over 25 years practical experience of supply chain and logistics. He will be leading the CP team as we align and structure our course content to be even more qualification based over the coming months.

Paul Stone – Supply Chain Academy Managing Director – commented “We are absolutely delighted to have Neil on-board and I expect him to be hugely successful in his new role. His experience and vision makes him an ideal fit for us and he will enable us to further enhance CP Training’s product range”.

CP Training are the development and qualifications arm of the Academy, providing outstanding business led courses for managers and aspiring managers. We have been the go-to supply chain education specialists for over 20 years.

For further details of how CP Training, and the Supply Chain Academy, can assist in leveraging your supply chain, please contact 01708 259450 or email

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