Brexit Thought Leadership - In Company Workshop

Brexit Thought Leadership – In Company Workshop


Our Brexit in company workshop is unfortunately not available as an open course, but for group company bookings, can be tailored and delivered to specific business needs.

The British exit of the European Union is the most significant economic demerger of  major economies since the Second World War. Both the UK and the EU will be significantly changed by what is about to unfold.

With the transition to the second stage of Brexit negotiations, discussions at our event will focus on trade arrangements within the UK’s exit agreement, as well as transitional arrangements.

Our team of experts will provide you with a two-hour ‘thought leadership’ session and a 1 day facilitated workshop, to analyse and examine the implications on existing trade relations with both EU member states and the wider world market. These workshops are designed to prepare you for the medium and long-term effects which may be generated from the Brexit negotiation outcomes. Delegates will be aided in this process by means of a checklist of practical steps designed to anticipate changes and take advantage of opportunities.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what Brexit means
  • Understand the implications of and how to prepare for different Brexit outcomes
  • Anticipate potential disruption to their supply chains and take appropriate actions.

Programme Outline:



  • A brief history
  • What is:
    – Soft Brexit?
    – Hard Brexit?
  • The exit process and timescale, implications
  • Current and future impacts, contingency planning
  • Communicating with existing EU clients/suppliers/partners


Anticipating the future

  • Customs legislation, clearance, tariffs
    –          Understanding the importance of the World Trade Organisation
  • Regulatory and documentary implications, licences, inspections
  • Other factors impacting on trade in services and goodsThe transition phase


Wider implications of Brexit for international trade

  • Trading with the rest of the world
  • Free Trade Agreements, and origin of goods
  • Implications for trade beyond Europe and within


Securing the Supply Chain

  • Evaluating transport & logistics issues
  • Sourcing implications
  • Minimising delay and uncertainty
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)
  • Supplier contracts


Planning and preparation for exporters and importers

  • Risk analysis
  • Checklist of factors to consider
  • Risk mitigation


A 2 hour ‘subject’ workshop & 1 day ‘application’ facilitated workshop

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