Influencing Stakeholders in your Business & Supply Chain

All business leaders need to engage and influence their organisations stakeholders. Each stakeholder, whether internal or external, have an influence on your organisation’s aims and objectives and have specific needs, which you as the influencer need to be aware of. Effective influencing is an essential skill needed to accomplish your corporate goals.

This program will focus on real business issues, supported by hands-on exercises and simulations.  It will improve your ability to influence and motivate others to buy your products, services, and ideas.


  • Appeal to an audience by analysing your presence
  • Engage your listeners and captivate them with your message
  • Master effective persuasive techniques to motivate and influence others
  • Use Emotional Intelligence, logic and credibility-based appeals to create a convincing argument
  • Design a compelling pitch that influences buy-in


  • Managing first impressions
  • Assessing the needs of your audience
  • Crafting memorable anecdotes
  • Using the building blocks of persuasion
  • Developing a strong professional presence
  • Preparing for a sales opportunity
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