Introduction to Blockchain (in your Supply Chain)

Introduction to Blockchain (in your Supply Chain) 

Businesses across the world are investigating how Blockchain technology may transform their supply chain. Blockchain has the potential to transform key industries, including financial services, utilities, and Supply Chain (Logistics & Procurement). By demystifying blockchain technology, this practical introduction will help you get to grips with this exciting technology and understand its potential impact.

This Introduction to Blockchain course does not require technical IT experience or knowledge. It is designed to promote awareness of Blockchain and its applications within the supply chain industry.

  •  Directors
  •  Board members
  • Senior Managers / Managers
Course Benefits:

• Blockchain Basic Principles
• Mechanics of Blockchain
• What is a Block?
• How are Blocks Chained Together?
• Blockchain vs Database Benefits
• Cryptography
• Blockchain Consensus
• How is Blockchain different from what we have today
• How to design and develop Blockchain
• How to develop a Blockchain application

Topics covered:

• What is Blockchain?
• How does Blockchain work?
• Types of Blockchains
• How is Blockchain different from what we have today?
• What does a Blockchain app look like?
• How do I develop a Blockchain app?

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