Managing Director Programme

Managing Director Programme 

This programme is for Managing Directors & CEOs of small to medium-sized businesses who wish to develop strategies to drive their firm’s success. This programme helps the individual to develop a clear strategic business plan and gives the confidence to clearly communicate, execute and monitor the plan.

The programme is designed to ensure individuals are able to undertake a series of key reviews within their own practice and determine the necessary changes that must be affected in order to drive their firm and improve profitability.

  •  Directors
  •  Board members
  • Senior Managers / Managers
Course Benefits:

The programme will ensure your company has:

• Clarified its Vision and has an outlined strategic plan for growth or integration.
• Created an operational plan that tracks the execution of your strategy.
• Identified a clear USP and elevator pitch that defines your firm, which all staff can use.
• Reviewed its approach to Business Development.
• Reviewed its client base and identified how to grow fee income effectively.
• Created a summary Sales and Marketing Plan.
• Identified a Succession Plan ‘one-pager’ with key objectives.




Topics covered:

• Setting out the organisation’s mission and objectives
• Preparing a business plan
• Providing strategic advice and guidance to the Chair and members of the Board
• Ensuring appropriate policies are developed to meet the company’s mission and objectives and to comply with all relevant statutory and other regulations
• Establishing and maintaining effective formal and informal links with major customers, key decision-makers, the supply chain and other stakeholders
• Developing and maintaining R&D to ensure the company retains its competitive edge
• Preparing, gaining acceptance and monitoring the implementation of the annual budget
• Ensuring budget targets are met, revenue flows are maximised, and fixed costs are minimised
• Developing and maintaining effective marketing and public relations strategy

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