Strategic Supply Chain Leadership (Director Programme)

£4,500.00 + VAT

This is a five day programme and includes first class full board on-site accommodation for the duration. Courses can be booked individually.

5 DAY Programme 

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The need for understanding and leading change has never been greater. As organisations become leaner and more competitive, supply chains become more effective and integrated, and as information systems and communications become faster and more sophisticated it is vital that managers need to be able to lead and manage change at all levels in their organisation.

By the end of the course, participants will:
  • Why businesses change
  • How businesses are structured and change their structures
  • How the supply chain can operate and change effectively
  • How to diagnose the need for change
  • How to develop the vision and the plan
  • How change affects people and teams and how best to manage them through the change
  • How to measure success

Session 1

Understanding Change and why it occurs

  • What drives Change in Supply Chain Organisations
  • Different varieties of Change
  • The evolution of businesses and their structures
  • Leadership for Change
  • Culture and Power in Organisations
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Individual and Team Change – different approaches
Session 2

Diagnosis and Preparation

  • Diagnosing the need for Change
  • Hard and Soft Change
  • Kotter’s eight steps for Change
  • Creating the Coalition
  • Creating the Vision
  • Creating the Plan
  • Choosing the Agent for Change
Session 3

Making the Change

  • Avoiding conflict and building on progress through communication and feedback.
  • Managing the change at all levels, personal, team and organisational – different approaches, different strategies, Push/Pull, Levers for Change
  • Monitoring and managing staff morale, consultation and team building
  • Personal Transitions – how people respond to Change
  • Sustaining and managing the plan
  • Monitoring progress and adapting the plan
  • Conclusions
Strategic Supply Chain Leadership (Director Programme)
We work with global organisations to develop their Leaders. The Supply Chain Academy is a place for Executives to come together, to develop ideas and plan exciting futures.

Our purpose is to contribute to your success and the success of your teams. Whether your organisation wants to grow its Supply Chain understanding, improve overall supply chain performance or Lead complex and organisational change in the supply chain we create ‘Business Led’  learning solutions in partnership with you that benefits your Leaders .

This Strategic Supply Chain Leadership programme has been written and created by both the Uniserve Group and our global supply chain Thought Leaders.

Running as 5 intensive days or select the day topic that you wish to attend. This programme will help you:


  • Create the most effective and efficient supply chain for your business
  • Maximise the contribution and power of your suppliers for your benefit
  • Build the best workforce through effective communications, improved capabilities and greater motivation
  • Control risk through intelligent due diligence and forecasting


This programme includes Full Board First Class Accommodation and networking dinners and events from Sunday evening through to Thursday evening.


Courses Include:

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