Robotics in the Supply Chain

by | Oct 29, 2018

According to an industry report, the automated vehicles market is expected to reach $24.61 billion by 2020, which will mean a growth of 12 percent in the five preceding years.

Robotics already have a vital role in the supply chain and major e-commerce companies are making the most of the technology. Fulfilment centres with robotics are boasting a 50% increase in capacity, compared to facilities without the technology.

Now the industry is looking beyond the basic transfer of objects. As technology continues to advance at a fast rate, robotics will soon be able to tackle the difficult and challenging tasks of the supply chain operations.

The study, published by the Information Services Group (ISG), stated that 72% of logistic enterprises will increase their investments in robotic process automation by the end of 2019.

The quick boost in investment is likely to be due to the success of other companies that have invested massively in the technology.

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