SCA Brexit Event

Held December 2018

Our well attended dinner event on how to prepare your business for Brexit was held 5th December 2018 at the Supply Chain Academy. We have broken the video down into individual clips so that you can go straight to the specific information you are looking for.



Bank of England Deputy Agent – Alex Golledge – Current state of business investment, credit, unemployment and productivity.

Bank of England Deputy Agent – Alex Golledge – On the bank’s Brexit survey findings.

What sort of bureaucracy and what formal customs requirements should businesses trading with the EU be aware of – in the event of a no deal scenario?

What requirements regarding the origin of products should businesses be aware of – in the event of a no deal scenario?

We have packaging moving from Asia to the EU that is combined with product being produced in the EU, will this become more difficult post Brexit?

What contingency plans would you suggest we have in place leading up to a potential no-deal Brexit?

Are there any customs related contingency options you would recommend for post Brexit?

If there is no Brexit deal what does this mean for import of products into the UK?

Apart from customs who should businesses be reaching out to for more information?

What should a company concentrate on when contingency planning for a number of possible unknown Brexit outcomes?

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