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by | Sep 10, 2019

The Supply Chain Academy, known for providing high quality supply chain expertise through its education and consultancy has been invited to speak and exhibit at an upcoming event to support SMEs, hosted by both Hertfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire’s Growth Hub.

The event,  ‘All The Help You Can Get’ series will examine how businesses can improve their Procurement and Supply Chain.

The Hertfordshire Growth Hub is about unlocking potential and helping ambitious businesses thrive. They help businesses grow, innovate, create new jobs and strengthen the Hertfordshire economy, although the event itself is open to nationwide businesses.

The Supply Chain Academy supports business professionals quickly harness the best supply chain, procurement and global trade skills at every level and will speak on ‘The Impact Of Supply Chain Disruption’.

In these uncertain times, we now more than ever need to strategically consider how the impact of supply chain disruption can negatively affect the supply of materials or stock, the continuity of service to customers, your reputation and your bottom line.

The workshop will cover:

  • How to strategically optimise your supply chain
  • Why good communication is essential
  • The difference between contingency planning and supply chain risk management
  • The significant long term impact of supply chain disruptions
  • Why supply chain risk management activities require enterprise-wide participation
  • How companies can take proactive, actionable steps to add significant resilience to their supply chain operation 
  • The skills needed to leverage your supply chain for cost efficiency

The event is free to attend and is being held at the Fielder Centre in Hatfield, Herts on 27th September 2019.

Alex Mortimer, Commercial Director and Neil Roll, General Manager will be on hand to answer questions and support you.

For further information you can visit the event page HERE, or email Alex Mortimer at

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