SCA to Deliver Multilingual Supply Chain Training

by | May 26, 2021

The Supply Chain Academy and sister company, CP Training Services are pleased to announce that we now offer a wide range of our supply chain courses in multiple languages including Danish, French, German, Italian or Spanish (as well as English!). These unique courses are available at various levels and can be delivered either traditionally or virtually by our expert trainers.

This multilingual approach reflects the demands and operational realities of global supply chain management. A growing number of companies are riding the wave of globalisation and are expanding overseas. They may already employ or are considering employing supply chain talent across multiple regions and continents. To succeed, a global workforce needs world-class training in order to develop professionally and increase their productivity.

Enabling us to ensure that language is no barrier to development of supply chain excellence, we’ve partnered with THE CONNECTING DOT Academy, a leading training consultancy based in Germany. The organisation engages in supply chain, (agile) project management and organizational and behavioural change support for clients.

Alex Mortimer, Director of the SCA said, “It is great to be working with THE CONNECTING DOT Academy as we grow and deliver courses for our clients across Europe. Together we work with customers in reviewing their development needs and design bespoke ‘Supply chain career pathway’ development plans for their teams – all in their respective languages.

We are already delivering our educational programmes in French and Italian [and are now expanding to include Danish, German and Spanish].  We can either start by conducting a detailed Training Needs Assessment (TNA) to identify individual and team development needs with the production of a report, or with a ‘Fundamentals of supply chain’ short course. This enables new team members to understand supply chain principles, and more experienced team members to have the opportunity to fill gaps in their knowledge. Then, once we have a better idea of the skills and knowledge gaps, we work with clients to develop more tailored solutions.”

To browse our list of courses, please see our websites below and ask us about the language you’d like us to deliver in.

Managers and Aspiring Managers:

Senior Managers and Directors:

For more information about how we can develop your global teams please contact Alex Mortimer, Commercial Director on 
01708 259 450.

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