SCA Welcomes Chinese Dignitaries

by | Aug 29, 2018

CHINESE PROVERB – ‘Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.’ 

Every day is different at the Academy. In partnership with Essex International, the SCA recently hosted a tailored ‘supply chain innovation’ day for  25 CEOs and Chairmen from various Chinese businesses within the Jiangsu province.. It was a real privilege to present and take them on a tour of our world-class facilities.

Essex International has been supporting the UK and China to do business together for over 30 years.  They manage the long-standing East of England-Jiangsu partnership on behalf of Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils, helping businesses, universities, cities and regions develop profitable partnerships.

Essex International has increased exports to China while also attracting new inward investment to the East of England. The Supply Chain Academy are proud to be their partners, as we continue to explore further projects together.


The visiting party comprised of senior leaders from across the supply chain in China, representing the retail, manufacturing, technology and construction sectors. Their visit to the UK was born from their desire to understand UK business attitude towards embracing economic change.

It was a productive and useful day, with Gary Cobbing, Commercial Director at the Uniserve Group (the largest independent logistics and freight management provider in the UK) and Jeremy Johnson, SCA faculty member, sharing tips on:

  • Effective Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse optimisation
  • Technology for effective procurement
  • How to grow their business in the UK.

Following lunch we held a speed networking event to accommodate relationship building for potential business, as they met UK buyers, sellers and potential investment partners.

The Supply Chain Academy is the only worldwide learning centre that focuses solely on the supply chain, offering high level insight and tuition for executives through our exceptional facilities.

For further information on how the Supply Chain Academy can add leverage to your supply chain, please email, or call 01708 259450.



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Supply Chan Degree Apprenticeship

Find out more about the new Degree Apprenticeship.

Supply Chan Degree Apprenticeship

Find out more about the new Degree Apprenticeship.

Supply Chan Degree Apprenticeship

Find out more about the new Degree Apprenticeship.

Supply Chan Degree Apprenticeship

Find out more about the new Degree Apprenticeship.

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