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Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters operates in more than 100 countries, and has more than 60,000 employees around the world. They provide professionals in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property and science and media markets with the intelligence, technology and human expertise they need to find trusted answers to make informed business decisions.

With regards to supply chain management, Thomson Reuters offers a range of intelligent price, disruption and third-party solutions that can help minimize the uncertainty in supply chains. Events such as volatile commodities prices, extreme weather and bribery and corruption can disrupt and have a negative impact on your supply chain. Through trusted insight and market leading capabilities Thomson Reuters can effectively help navigate these risks keeping organisation’s reputation, costs and ultimately revenue from harm.

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Thomson Reuters chose Supply Chain Academy to deliver bespoke training for key staff in London, New York and Singapore.

They commissioned Supply Chain Academy to equip some of their employees with the knowledge required to help them better understand the Supply Chain sector.

Training Objective

To help their staff understand how to sell their products to the supply chain sector more effectively, the Supply Chain Academy team designed and delivered a bespoke training program that enabled them to:

– Become more knowledgeable in key areas of the end to end Supply Chain.

– Understand the pressures, challenges and potential weak links in a Supply Chain.

– Speak with authority about different areas of the Supply Chain and to understand the industry- specific terminology when interacting with supply chain professionals.

– Understand the principles of Risk Assessment and Management in all areas of the Supply Chain.


This 2 day course was delivered to 64 staff in London, New York and Singapore. The training combined core subject teaching facilitated discussions on critical incidents, reflections and presentations to encourage staff to consider how this learning could be applied to their respective job roles.

“Working with the Supply Chain Academy allowed us to confirm our current thinking with regards to the key disciplines, practices and roles within supply chain management” commented Matthew Ashley, Head of Proposition Marketing for Supply Chain and Commodities at Thomson Reuters.

As we move even deeper into this market it is essential that we fully understand the workflow, processes and pain point of supply chain professionals, and these training sessions went a long way to authenticating our current views.

Our Creative Team

Paul Stone

Paul Stone

Managing Director

Paul is an experienced Human Resources and Managing Director with a history of working in Blue Chip multinationals, professional services, the public sector and more recently in the education management industry.

Neil Roll

Neil Roll

CP Training Gen Manager

Neil has been working in senior positions within supply chain education for the past five years, following over 25 years of practical logistics experience in a Blue Chip mulitnational company.

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