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Rapid and cost-effective innovation is the primary source of lasting competitive advantage in the supply chain management and global logistics industry. Leadership in industry depends upon making that innovation happen inside our organisations, by developing and fostering effective multi-dimensional leaders and teams who are effective organisational innovators or ‘intrapreneurs’.

Most leadership programmes concentrate on building natural leadership strengths and talents.

At the Supply Chain Academy, we offer leadership development programmes that enable individuals and teams to develop a broad perspective on the range of behaviours that are required to be truly effective leaders, team members and intrapreneurs.

Our programmes include online assessment tools and feedback on the primary leadership dimensions. Identifying ‘default settings’ and then providing experiential learning about psychological drivers, motivations and blind spots, reflection on what really matters most in leadership development right now and leadership development opportunities to help you get there.

SCA holds regular ‘Thought Leadership’ events to give you access to the very latest thinking, to learn from the experiences of other leaders and to share your knowledge as a leader.

Our  events:

* Are led by competent, accredited trainers and coaches
* Are tailored to your company’s strategy, goals and values
* Are engaging and experiential
* Involve you intellectually, emotionally and socially
* Define your behavioural development needs
* Stretch your concept of what it is to be a leader
* Encourage you to learn new skills, improve existing ones and be comfortable with your internal decision making process
* Enable you to improve and strengthen team working to deliver exceptional services
* Deliver an enduring and deep understanding of multi­dimensional leadership and intrapreneurial development


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Images from our Institute of Directors Dinner Event

Images from our ‘Brexit: The Future of the Supply Chain’ Conference

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