UK Ports Disrupt Supply Chain

by | Oct 11, 2018

Congestion at the UK’s two largest container ports continues to disrupt supply chains during the busiest time of year for retailers.

The delays started at Felixstowe earlier in the year, when the introduction of a new operating system slowed the port down to around 50% of capacity.

However, during the past few weeks Southampton port, which took the majority of the extra work from Felixstowe, has now reached a critical stage and has been experiencing severe congestion and a shortage of haulage options.

The haulage situation is not being helped by the introduction of many 20,000+ TEU mega-ships this year. Vessels are taking considerably longer to unload which has been resulting in container transport bottle necks.

Uniserve Sea Freight Director – Steve Ireland – commented “Combined with the shortage of UK transport, and the current inconsistency in vessel scheduling and bad weather in the Fast East, the UK port congestion is causing major supply chain disruption at the busiest time of the year”

“We are working with customers to achieve the best possible turnaround times, although it is inevitable that some delays will be experienced. At the moment it looks unlikely that there will be an end to the issues before the peak season closes”.


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Brexit Event

Join us for an informative event on how to prepare your business for Brexit.


Brexit Event

Join us for an informative event on how to prepare your business for Brexit.


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