Why To Consider An Executive Course

by | Apr 30, 2019

No matter how experienced a leader, executive, director or CEO is, the constant evolution of the business world requires the need to adapt by learning new skills, new methodology and new practices. 

This is no more apparent than for executives involved in leading supply chains, which encompass numerous organisations, people, activities, information and resources, that are involved in designing, producing and delivering a product or service. 

Every business has a supply chain and a leader’s ability to innovate their supply chain is becoming even more business critical in fuelling performance and growth. Executive Education offers new knowledge to enhance skills and provides the opportunity to step back, reflect and gain new perspectives. 

So, is it time to start looking at executive education programmes? Here are three reasons why you should be:

– You are getting promoted (or aiming to be)

A promotion often means you will be leading people whose roles are beyond your expertise. The supply chain is vast and comprises product or service designers, buyers, vendors that contribute to the product or service, producers who convert the material into products or services, warehouses that store, distribution centres that deliver, retailers or service providers who supply the end user, and any administrative role that supports the process. So, expanding your knowledge base across these functions could be vital.

The Supply Chain Academy’s education encompasses the entire network of functions serving the supply chain. We develop effective leaders that have ‘T-shaped’ capabilities, which means a depth of knowledge in one or more aspect and a breadth of knowledge across the entire process.

– You want to find out what you do not know that you don’t know

Acknowledging that you don’t know everything is an effective way to challenge yourself and to ensure you are motivated to understand that there may be other methods out there. You should always be open to improvement, learning from others and adopting new techniques to make you and your team more effective.

At the Supply Chain Academy, we encourage and facilitate the sharing and comparing of individual’s own experiences, to develop and deliver collaborative best practice supply chain solutions. 

– Your employer wants you to develop or to ‘step up’

If you’re lucky enough to have an employer with the initiative to encourage your personal development, then it is well worth taking advantage of the opportunity to self improve. Your employer will benefit equally if you return from an executive course with skills that help you perform your role at a higher level. Many employers appreciate the value of investment in their people.

The Supply Chain Academy create and develop intrapreneurship. An intrapreneur is an individual that behaves like an entrepreneur, while working within an organisation. Intrapreneurs take new ideas and turn them into profitable new realities, through assertive risk-taking and innovation.

Typically, an intrapreneur creates innovation, challenges their own limits, searches for an opportunity in every problem, can clearly define a problem, connects with other people on their level, avoids creating problem for others, focuses on prevention rather than intervention and has reasonable expectations.

To find out more about how the Supply Chain Academy can help you, please contact Alex Mortimer on 01708 259450 or email am@supplychainacademy.org.uk.

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