Why We Need T-shaped People

by | May 24, 2019

T-shaped people, which means a person having depth of knowledge in one or more aspect and a breadth of knowledge across the entire process, are seen as ideal candidates for roles within the supply chain.

T-shaped people are an excellent addition to any team. They are able to deal with and focus on a core role, with the ability to branch out into different areas, supporting the business in a wider sense. 



T-shaped people have deep knowledge of their own function and broad supply chain knowledge.

The supply chain is a diverse entity, encompassing many departments within an organisation, where multi functional leaders and teams are required with a broad knowledge base.

This means that T-shaped people are a business necessity when driving modern supply chains. If an accomplished buying manager does not understand what obstacles a Logistics Manager or a Finance Manager must overcome during the supply chain process, then how can they make a well informed decision?

T-shaped people add considerable strength and support to the entire supply chain structure.


The Supply Chain Academy focuses on creating forward thinking T-shaped people, who excel at driving the supply chains of today and the future.

While we focus very much around the development of leaders and executives, we appreciate that supply chain education should cascade down through your teams and throughout your supply chain functions. For that purpose, our sister company – CP Training Services – cater for your managers and aspiring managers.

Building a team with a varied mix of skills rather than around a distinct skill set, your organisation will be able to:

  • Decrease dependencies between teams, ensuring fewer challenges with coordination and differing priorities
  • Reduce handoffs between knowledge silos, preventing information loss
  • Broaden and deepen the individual team members skills over time through collaboration

With the correct planning and the understanding of what makes a team perform to its highest, your organisation will be better placed to deliver value to your customers.

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