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Being the UK’s largest independent logistics provider we are constantly dealing with all types of products and industries. However, we are able to provide specific knowledge of your industry through specialist teams or divisions, for the below. Click your industry to find out more.


At Uniserve we understand the retail supply chain completely as it is our largest vertical and we work with many of today’s major high street and online brands. We offer an extensive worldwide network to a large customer base of retail clients. We provide the experience and expertise to deliver cutting edge, retail orientated, freight management solutions. This enables our customers to satisfy what their consumers demand; a supply chain built around them.

Uniserve offer global reach, operational agility, and a passion for improvement, which means we are continually innovating on behalf of our retailer client base. We work diligently to overcome and remove the obstacles associated with freight management, by being solution driven. This, along with cost reduction programs enabled by major group procurement, means our customers are able to leverage their international supply chain as a competitive advantage.


Uniserve’s automotive team services your car production sites with competitive international and domestic vehicle transportation. This always includes secure and necessary packing and bracing and registration documentation overview. We also provide consolidation of parts from multiple suppliers and manage your supply chain orders to ensure your lead times are met. We have the necessary industry experience and global coverage to expedite customs clearance and delivery services to the final manufacturing site, wherever it may be.

We have supported the motor sport industry for many years through our passionate and committed team of racing enthusiasts, so are used to the demands of a fast paced sector, especially when it comes to immediate needs from a far reaching corner of the world. Our specialist knowledge and group buying power makes us ideally placed to serve the automotive supply chain.


Our specialist team are recognised leaders in global logistics and transportation management services to the chemical industry. Our experience means we are able to provide the ideal one-stop solution for supply chains from plant to final destination in many chemical sectors including; consumer products, flavourings, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and agricultural chemicals.

We have a strong reputation in safety and compliance, largely thanks to our  Safety & Compliance Care Management System. Our distribution centres are fully trained in the handling of dangerous goods and hazardous materials, therefore we are fully compliant in providing transport by air, sea, and road, as required by IATA, IMDG & ADR regulations.

Drinks Logistics

Uniserve Drinks Logistics is a specialist logistics provider to the beverage industry. We provide an efficient, reliable and cost effective service dedicated to the varied needs of our customers from our dedicated offices. We provide solutions from wherever beverages are produced around the World.


Drinks Supply Chain Management  – Complete management support to fit your specific needs
We understand that global supply chains are always complex. With complexity comes risk and cost. We have developed the Uniserve Drinks flow management, to reduce both risk and cost. This brings efficacies to your supply chain from end-to-end, which has a positive impact on your balance sheet, giving you an advantage over your competitors.



While the retail industry as a whole is our largest market, we have key personnel within our retail team that have numerous years experience specifically within furniture logistics. We help to manage the supply chain of a number of major brands within this sector, largely moving product from the traditional routes such as Italy, Turkey and Asia, through to distribution centre, store or home delivery.

Our high bay facilities at our Super DC’s in Tilbury, Felixstowe, Singapore and Shanghai mean we are ideally placed to provide the complete logistics and fulfilment solutions.  This, along with international cost reduction programs enabled by major group procurement, means our customers are able to leverage their international supply chain as a competitive advantage.


Working closely, and in conjunction, with our Chemical team are our healthcare logistics specialists. The healthcare industry requires high standards for the moving and storing of life-essential products and thanks to our Safety & Compliance Care Management System, we maintain a high reputation for compliance.

We offer a range of services unique to this essential sector, including temperature-controlled packaging solutions, reverse logistics programs and a thermal blanket program.

Healthcare remains close to our heart at Uniserve as we support and promote a number of essential charities. Two of which can be seen travelling the UK on our articulated trucks, as shown below.



We provide an extensive range of services for high-tech customers enabling them to reduce inventories, lower logistics costs and improve the speed to market of their stock, while always ensuring we minimise the risk to product in the supply chain with improved security and loss prevention methods.

We hold airline, and steamship line, contracts and block space agreements with all major carriers and our teams work tirelessly, through extended hours, to support and manage all major product launches. The high-tech industry is one of the most time sensitive of our verticals and we ensure our dedicated team are committed to the often urgent needs of our customers, within the consumer electronics, computer & office equipment, electronic components and satellite and telecommunication sectors.


With the introduction and continuous growth of mobile and tablet devices, we recognise that the publishing and printing trade continues to be in transition. This often means that industry members are looking for more and more economical solutions to move their goods internationally. Our innovative media team are fully conversant in how to get news, magazines and books, to and from all corners of the world for the lowest possible cost, without reducing traditional service levels.

To support our international freight management products we offer an extensive range of exclusive publishing fulfilment services, including; insertions, labelling & barcoding, rejacketing, cover mounting, palletisation and shrink wrapping.


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