Insights Discovery® - Change Management

Leading Change using the Insights® Discovery Personality profiling model

Change Management is the act of transitioning individuals, teams and organisations into a desired future state.

Successful Change Management takes place when its people understand the benefits, feel involved and become part of the movement. Change fails because organisations don’t offer the support behind this happening.

Our in-house Licenced Practitioner will work with your staff to:

  • develop self-awareness and have an understanding of others
  • Improve morale and build stronger teams
  • give clarity around communication, feedback and behaviours
  • have an understanding of their own perceptions and preferences  and those of others

In the workshop, we would work with you to:

  • explore the concept of change and gain an understanding of the process
  • understand how different personality types respond to change
  • engage with the wider organisation by building relationships with staff
  • help staff step up and become leaders to motivate teams through change
  • Track, develop and sustain cohesive team-working

Organisations that adopt our approach have implemented successful change because:

  • Their people reach acceptance faster
  • They understand how to support each other better throughout the process
  • Their teams communicate effectively
  • Leaders translate the process and goals with appreciation of the different personality styles
  • People trust each other on a deeper level

£495.00 + VAT


1 Day Course

Insights Discovery® – How it Works

Through Insights Discovery® and our own, in-house Insights Discovery® licenced practitioner, we use the Insights Discovery model to understand an individual’s unique preferences. Our Insights Discovery-based people development programmes are simple and deeply insightful. They provide immediate impact and enable positive, lasting change.

Insights Discovery® is:

  • Simple: easy to understand so everyone can apply what they learn.
  • Universal: it speaks to everyone at all levels.
  • Deeply Insightful: take you places you never expected.
  • Positive: the supportive language is so engaging it empowers people to change.
  • Fun! The memorable colour energy system that really sticks

Using Insights Discovery® as Part of a Wider Programme

Insights Discovery® is at the heart of everything that we do. This simple framework of four colour energies can be used to develop highly-tailored solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Example solutions:

  • Increasing communication and collaboration: learn how your team, department or organisation can work together more effectively in a series of Insights Discovery® Workshops.
  • Improving personal effectiveness: as part of a programme of coaching, Insights Discovery can be used to identify areas of strength and help create a development plan tailored to each individual.
  • Developing leaders and sales people: use an understanding of preferences to assess individual and collective strengths and enhance crucial business skills.
  • Explore the concept of change and gain an understanding of the process
  • Understand how different personality types respond to change
  • Engage the wider organisation by building relationships with staff
  • Motivate teams through change

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