Executive Decision Making

This programme is designed for senior executives who take the lead on key initiatives and want to be stronger and more certain in their decisions.

An executive is required to make decisions daily. Your decisions will have major implications for your business. Therefore, making the right decisions can not only create value cement business relationships, market position and motivation.  

This program provides participants with a process to engage modern creative and critical thinking. It will facilitate the evaluation of problems and aid participants to generate positive and effective decision making.


  • Understand how different factors might influence problem solving in the workplace.
  • Understand and recognise different decision making styles.
  • Understand different thinking styles, creative drivers and preferences.
  • Recognise the way in which decisions are made.
  • Apply a balanced approach towards creative thinking and the generation of optimal decision making.
  • Identify an action plan to stimulate increased Creative and Critical Thinking for decision making.
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