Leading (High Performance) Project Teams

Delegates will learn how to move beyond management to become true business leaders. They will gain a critical understanding of the role that a leader can take in their business, and how they can become that person.

Delegates will have the opportunity to explore in a safe environment the skills they need to develop in order to adopt a leadership role, and will leave the course with a unique Leadership Action Plan. Throughout, the emphasis will be on helping delegates to achieve lasting behavioural change.

By the End of the Course, Participants Will Be Able To:

  • Draw out effective performance from a team of people who have a range of skills, attitudes and cognitive/behaviour styles.
  • Lead and facilitate a group of people to productively solve abstract problems.
  • Form a group of individuals into a cohesive team that shares a commitment to a common goal.
  • Create a positive, productive atmosphere within a project team.

£795.00 + VAT


1 Day Course

Course Outline

  • Defining leadership in terms of your Supply Chain Projects
  • Becoming a leader, not just a manager
  • Key roles and tasks of a true leader
  • The business project application of key leadership theories and associated models, including:
  • Naturalistic
  • Functional
  • Situational
  • Autocratic/Participative
  • Transactional/Transformational
  • Moral
  • 30 definitions of leadership in terms of your project – what works for you?
  • Developing as a leader of projects:
  • Skills
  • Actions
  • Approach
  • Personal branding as a leader
  • The value of emotional intelligence
  • Setting your leadership agenda

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