Using I.T. To Match Supply & Demand with Supply Chain Strategy

Using Information Technology to match Supply and Demand

Leveraging information technologies to match supply and demand. Manage supply chain flows including forecasting inventory management and supply chain analytics. 

Supply Chain Strategy:

-Get the best out of your supply chain

Maximising value from supply chain partnerships.

Explore the value of external relationships and understand the value of coordinating supply chains. 

Supply chain management is becoming increasingly important for organisations and, at the same time, more and more challenging for the individuals responsible. Globalisation is leading to lengthening supply chains, often associated with greater vulnerability to interruptions and delays.

After this course, participants will gain new insights into the use of Technology around developing effective supply chains to achieve competitive advantage.

You will have an increased understanding of the impact of supply chain management with supplier relationships and how this can affect costs and financial performance.

Thought Leadership Content:

  • Developing supply chain strategies within volatile environments
  • New approaches for improved supply chain performance through technology
  • Supply Chain Risk Management and creating resilient supply chains
  • Understand the impact of supply chain strategies on Planning, Sourcing & Procurement, the manufacturing environment, the delivery operations and reverse logistics
  • Specific discussions on Global Sourcing, Inventory, warehousing, Demand planning and forecasting, Performance measurement Customer profitability analysis and cost-to-serve, supply chain strategy in the boardroom.

Wednesday Night:  Peer Networking & Dinner with theme:  ‘Effective Decision Making in the Supply Chain’ 

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